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                        • CHIWAYLAND
                        • CHIWAYEDU
                        ABOUT CHIWAY
                        CHIWAY MEMORABILIA

                        Chiway Holding Group was established

                        Chiway Education Group was established


                        Chiway Education founded Wuxi South Ocean College


                        Chiway Education founded Hefei World Foreign Language School


                        Chiway fully participated in the development and construction of Suzhou International Education Park of 3.5 square kilometers

                        Chiway Education founded Etonhouse International School, Suzhou


                        Chiwayland Group was established to accelerate the strategic layout of the Yangtze River Delta

                        Chiway Education founded the Chiway Auto Education brand and successively established cooperative relationships with more than 50 colleges and universities.


                        Chiwayland entered into Shanghai and achieved a quality plot


                        Chiway Education invested to establish Etonhouse International School, Wuxi


                        Chiwayland was selected as top 100 real estate companies in China and has won this accolade for nine consecutive years.

                        Chiwayland began to participate in the construction of affordable housing projects


                        Chiway Education merged Nanyang Institute of Management in Singapore


                        Chiwayland laid out in Australia and opened overseas market

                        Chiway Education founded Walton International School Xuzhou

                        Chiway International was successfully listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange


                        Chiway Education invested in the establishment of Walton Foreign Language School Taicang


                        Chiway Education successfully acquired the Wayman Aviation Academy in the US

                        Chiway Education founded the Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Suzhou

                        Chiwayland deployed in United States

                        Chiwayland entered Wuhan for the first time and developed the regional market in central China


                        Chiwayland's first cultural and creative Park project settled in Hongkou, Shanghai

                        Chiwayland first entered Hangzhou, further consolidating the strategic layout of the four major urban circles of “Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuhan”


                        Chiway Holdings entered the Li Peng shares

                        Chiway Education founded Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi

                        Chiway Education’s Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Landed in Xiamen

                        Chiway Education took full control of Etonhouse International School, Wuxi